Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Rumors: John Fox-Vic Fangio divorce could be looming

There is nothing like losing to stir gossip in NFL circles. There is a rumors that John Fox-Vic Fangio divorce could be looming when this season ends.

Fox and Fangio, during the Bears' usual media availability, both of them addressed that first publicized a possible separation between the longtime head coach and his veteran defensive coordinator.

Fox never spoke in direct terms about his relationship with Fangio. When he was asked if he hoped Fangio back in 2017, he did not reply directly, he said he want the whole staff back.

While Fangio directly show his rejection to the rumors. When asked if he wanted to back with the Bears and remain on Fox’s staff after the season, he said YES. When asked the relation beteen the two coaches, he classified it as "fine".

The Bears still have four games left to play, including Sunday’s trip to Detroit to play the Lions. So it is no surprise that neither coach chose to validate the rumors in a public forum at this stage.

Anyway, the truth will unfold one day.  

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